Cargo: Ljiljana Petrović and Aleksandar Kostić

Festival of Photography Vizualizator

29 November – 9 December 2017

Cargo is a layered installation and participatory performance that combines different mediums and branches of art (photography and hand embroidery, performance, installation, theatrical and fine arts) to capture the journey on the theatrical stage, in imagination, or within the white cube of the gallery, neatly packaged in a modest transportation box. In the words of the art historian Jerica Ziherl, “The approach of Aleksandar Kostić and Ljiljana Petrović does not relate to the tradition of self-portraits, but to the replacement of identity and space. In this case, the unspoken notions of travel.”

Cargo is a part of the international photography festival Vizualizator, and its authors are the notable costume designer Ljiljana Petrović and cinematographer and photographer Aleksandar Kostić.