Darkness Light Darkness

Darkness Light Darkness: Đorđe Stanojević

12 October – 11 November 2017

 Black – as Andy Goldsworthy says – is energy of earth made visible, that “cure of ground” that reflects the cycles of life and death, putrefaction and renewal. Darkness, Light Darkness reflects Đorđe Stanojević’s profound relationship with the landscape and its elemental beauty. Stanojević’s main source and subject is the earth – its plasticity, materiality and energy, its elemental and symbolic value. His art is fashioned from mud, clay and pigment over extended periods of time in the open air, throughout which the works are exposed to gravity, fluctuations of light and temperature, rain, frost and dew, thus allowing for an undirected intervention, binding of time in materials and places that “reveals the stone in the flower and the flower in a stone”.

Curator Alexandra Lazar. Photography A. Stanojević and A. Milosavljević © Drina Gallery 2017