Playground: Aleksandar Dimitrijević

9 June – 30 June 2017

‘Playground’ focuses on social games as an expression of everyday life. Bold works reminiscent of Cy Twombly and Peter Doig are the continuation of the artist’s ongoing exploration. The present show marks the start of his collaboration with Drina Gallery.

With his latest works Dimitrijević continues to explore the playroom as a space for critical reflection and as a field of reference for establishing a spectrum of moral and material values of the players. Reflecting the societal value systems of winning and losing, the canvases explore confrontation and balance, experiment and chance, adopting or changing a stance; the physical presence of players is replaced by signs and gestures with which we attempt to reconstruct their temporary relationships.

Curator Alexandra Lazar. Catalogue design Slavimir Futro. Installation photos Milan Kralj.