DRINA Gallery


Krunska 73, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia



working hours:


Monday - Friday:  10am - 6pm


Saturday - Sunday: by appointment only












Drina is a multidisciplinary gallery devoted to contemporary art. Established in 2016 in Belgrade as a contemporary art space that aims to nurture and reconnect the most talented artists from the region with the international art scene. 
Acting as a transcultural mediator, Drina orchestrates collaborations between Eastern and Western European as well as overseas artists, institutions, collectors, and galleries through various means including the production of artworks, exhibitions, publications, art advising, and commissioned services. In this role, Drina strives to showcase and promote consistent and innovative artworks from both emerging and well-known artists. Arising from a desire to explore and experiment with collaborative platforms, Drina seeks to facilitate further international projects, thereby bridging the gap between the international art scene and the hub of artistic activity in Belgrade and beyond.
The gallery is led by curator and art historian Natasa Radojevic who divides her time between Serbia and Italy.