Over and Above: curated by Nataša Radojević and Jelena Dakonović

Over and Above brings together twenty-one Italian and Serbo-Croatian artists in visual and intellectual dialogue. 

Press Release

Drina Gallery from Belgrade is pleased to announce multimedia group exhibition OVER AND ABOVE from October 19, 2021 to January 31st, 2022


Project Over and Above, curated by Nataša Radojević and Jelena Đakonović, brings together twenty-one Italian and Serbo-Croatian artists in visual and intellectual dialogue. Without bounds they gravitate in the space between (expanding or contracting) reflecting elusiveness of transience, seek to communicate unseen connections, create new aspects of transmission and our position in it.


Different artistic processes, themes, styles and interventions will be displayed in each of the exhibition rooms facing each other and featuring a variety of media including painting, video/hologram installation, objects, photography, mixed media, works on paper, ceramics, and sculpture created by: Ivan Grubanov, Miloš Todorović, Giuseppe Pietroniro, Alice Ronchi, Igor Eškinja, Michelangelo Bastiani, Federico Luger, Danilo Buccella, Michele Iodoice, Mrđan Bajić, Veljko Zejak, Marko Lađušić, Sossio, Angelo Brescianini, Mina Radović, LABOTIV (Claire Clelia, Baldo & Piero Viti) , Olivera Parlić, Radoš Antonijević, Nicole Colombo and Szymon Oltarzewski.


In this cultural exchange, the initial contrast becomes the strength of the exhibition rather than its weakness. Impression could not be static, it has to overwhelm the observer that is looking for origin of the object to evoke the process of creation. Everyday items placed in the world of fantasy opposite the aggressive and repulsive elements that bring to the surface deepest feelings of anxiety; smooth, organic body-like shapes permeate with sharp geometric textures; fragileness of captured holographic image facing the powerful exposure of photography; dazzling effects of the smokescreens stand in the parallel with apocalyptic „landscapes“ evaporating in fog, as particles of light inside of the dark matter. Unexpected and unusual juxtapositions invite the audience to reveal new meanings and fresh perspectives, hidden connections, and boundaries that lead Over and Above.


The exhibition realized in collaboration with Aria Art Gallery (Florence), Federico Luger Gallery (Milan), Italian Institute of Culture in Belgrade and Logic Art Space.

Special thanks to Museum of Applied Art (Belgrade) and Francesca Minini (Milan)

On display until January 31, 2022