Lola Sprenger: Letter to the Future: curated by Nataša Radojević

Works from the series Letter to the Future present nostalgic projections of futuristic reality, based on allusions of the past and transformed by memories that load the effects of the present moment.
Empty pods, once archaic human gestures float in front of a glittering scene that used to call itself Idyll.  Lightning, fumes and radioactive swathes waft across the land we knew as a home. Before the second season of the Cold War broke loose ...
 Upgrading, arms race, sanctions. One had pushed the button and catapulted the atomic blow from theory into reality.
 Now all discussions about violence, influence, position, dominance and the law of the strong have become obsolete and only hang in the air as scraps and relictsthat we, ourselves have poisoned.
 Driven by lust for power and the short-sighted urge for expansion, man himself has evaporated, escaping any habitat and questioning his small banal existence.
 We swallowed ourselves. The ties to nature are cut.
 As the world vibrates, groans and dissolves in the dazzling colors of decomposition.
 Lola Sprenger

Through representations of radioactive landscapes she transposes metaphorical portrayal of the collective state of the society. The pragmatic critique of rapid changes relates to capitalist order in which we lose empathy and consciousness. Lola Sprenger creates a unique technique to build hybrid solutions between painting and drawing, directly applying dry pigments on a colored paper.