Operation Unthinkable: "Enclave" as power, fear and place

The painting Enclave (190 x 380cm, 2017) is the work at the core of the exhibition “Enclavia: painting, the result of this kind of life” which presented Serbian artists Zdravković, Vladislav Šćepanović and Milena Dragicevic at the 57th Venice Biennale. For the past several months this work was “visible” through fragments of mediated text, conversations, cut-paste quotations from newspapers and web pages, accumulation of opinions and so on. This allows a closer look into the motives and representations of the work then and now. Operation Unthinkable - Enclave as a place, paradox and fear gives the Serbian audience an opportunity to explore the positions of exposure, concealment and presence. The painting will be exhibited along with the photographic sketches and documentation. The exhibition will be opened with a conversation with the artist, art historian Nikola Šuica and curator Alexandra Lazar on 15 December at 6 pm.